How It Works
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We bridge the gap

We meet your leadership team and find out what data you need to manage your business. We meet your technical leads and find out the platforms, APIs, databases, and spreadsheets where your data are managed now. Then we build a map to bridge the gap to your data needs.

We build your pipeline

We build a custom data pipeline just for you with the data you need, cleaned, and normalized so that you can build dashboards, automate reports, and build machine learning pipelines.

We keep the data flowing

We run your data pipeline, keep the data flowing, and put them where you can easily access them. Think of it as “data dry cleaning” - messy, multi-platform unstructured data go in and clean, tidy, easy-to-find data come out. We manage all the little details so you don’t have to.

Data that just works.

You could hire a data engineering team, or you could try to learn FiveTran, BigQuery, dbt, SQL, Apache Airflow and build your own data pipeline, or you could rely on a series of emailed spreadsheets. Instead, use Streamline and we make your data 'just work' without having to touch complicated tools or hire expensive teams.

Extraction Tools
StitchData, Airbyte, Fivetran, SimpleMetrics
Transformation tools
dbt, SQL, R, Python
Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres
Consulting Firms
Identify your key data analytic questions
Identify your data sources
Map sources to questions
Continuously extract data from standard sources
Continuously extract data from custom sources
Elicit business logic
Define queries for transforms
Continuously run transforms
Continuously Load Data into Data Warehouse
Store Data in Warehouse
Monitor data pipeline
Support BI, queries, and ML