Tidy data as a service

You know you need your data organized to support analytics, reporting, or machine learning/AI. But do you hire a data engineer? Try to get your BI analyst to set up tools for you? Hire a consulting company?

Streamline solves the first mile of data for you. We set up your ELT pipeline, build in your business logic, and get your data ready to use. Then we stick with you, managing your pipeline so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your data.

We extract your data

APIs, databases, Excel spreadsheets - we work with you to set up a standardized ingestion pipeline that extracts data from all your sources.

We clean your data

Unstructured data, human in the loop data, data from multiple sources - we build a custom cleaning pipeline that organizes your data neat and tidy.

We put it where you can get it

Instead of data scattered across platforms, files, and databases, we create one simple source of truth. Access your data with simple SQL queries, build insightful dashboards, or run complex machine learning models, all from one source of truth

We keep it flowing

We manage the data pipeline and keep the data flowing with up-to-date data that are cleaned, pulled, organized, and ready for you to use.

Making complex data just so easy

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